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Marina's Story

"As new parents we were looking to get some help and professional support for the crucial early days, especially as both sets of our parents live Marina and Baby Alex far away. We considered a number of options and finally decided on doula help. And it was one of the best decisions we ever made!

Alison managed to turn the exhausting, emotional and demanding on many levels postpartum period into a reassuring, memorable and enjoyable time.

She has a unique ability to create a calm, reassuring atmosphere and was always ready to sort out any on-going little issues - from swaddling to bathing, burping or going for a very daunting but exciting first walk in the pram - the list is endless.

Her support and knowledge of breastfeeding makes this ever challenging task easy and enjoyable and provides the right start for the baby from the early hours. Moreover, new mums get all the treats and nourishment, even including delicious and nutritious lunches! Dads benefit from peace of mind, more quality time bonding with their newborn and a streamlined and peaceful transition into parenthood.

So - dear grandparents, relatives and friends - forget balloons, cards and Mothercare vouchers - the best gift you can ever imagine for a new mum, new dad and a little one is undoubtedly the nurturing, caring and invaluable support of a doula. And Alison is absolutely superb in making this gift happen!"

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